The Reset Mechanic

You have been granted a magical power by Frisa. This power gives you a “save state” that you can return to at any point that you’d like. (Think “Song of Time” from Majora’s Mask) When it gets used, you all will get reset in time and position to Frisa‘s library at the moment that she cast the spell. You will keep all of your memories of what you’d done before the reset, but none of the events will have happened. It’s an opportunity to try again and not make the same mistakes as before. If you don’t understand yet, it should make more sense after the first time that it gets used.

You all will get one full game session plus the remainder of the current session before the world is destroyed or one week of time in game. Whichever comes first. It’s highly suggested that you use the reset before this happens. If the last thing that the party does in a session is reset, you will get the next two sessions before the world is destroyed. There is a limited number of resets, so don’t waste them. You have dozens of chances but it’s not infinite.

Using the reset is a free action that requires two players to be able to see each other. (You can’t unilaterally decide to reset, but if two people want to, they can reset the whole party) The only two statuses that prevent you from being able to help in a reset are death and blindness.

The treasure rooms in each of the dungeons and Frisa‘s library are immune to the effects of the reset spell. Anything that happens in them doesn’t reset. Anything that comes from them doesn’t reset. (This is how you’ll be getting your loot and level ups)

Since most NPCs are affected by the reset, they come back to life after a reset. Since the PCs are immune to the reset, they stay dead when they die. The party can either resurrect you (It’s a 7th level cleric spell with some serious restrictions) (Probably do a side quest for The Grand Oracle ) or they can use a charge of a Chronomantic Wand to release a new character from the Adventurers’ Guild into the reset iterations and have them join the party.

You also each have a Chronomantic Wand with 3 uses. It can make single objects or individuals immune to the reset as if they were in one of the treasure rooms or Frisa‘s library when the spell was cast. Find a weapon you really like? Use it. Is there a door that was a pain in the neck to get open? Use it to make your life easier the next time around so you don’t need to solve the puzzle/kill the baddie to open it again. Want to really confuse the cabbage merchant? Use it. Each person only gets 3 uses throughout the whole campaign though, so use them wisely.

The Reset Mechanic

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